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April 14, 2009


Amen! The Wheatsheaf was a *surprisingly* good burger. Smith's = expected brilliance. Wheatsheaf = diamond in the rough.

Burger Corollaries:

- On squash: I don't think you should be able to put a good burger down (literally). It should exist in squishy tension - it should be solid when you're holding it, but if you set it down, it goes gloopy.

- On bread: What's up with restaurants that serve shit bread? Bread is 33-50% of the burger. Spend the extra 5p to get fresh bread...

- On meat: The unfortunate trend in gourmet hamburgers is to dazzle customers with wheat-fed, 100% lean, sirloin beef. That makes a great menu item but a terrible hamburger. Hamburgers need grease, fat and texture. That's what gives it the all-around yumminess. The grain-fed steakburger is concrete on a bun.

I'm sooo buying you a little Viking helmet and a set of German nihilists.

I like Ed's diner with the widdle juke boxes on the counter, but I don't know any better. That said, you and J are taking me and the Spanoi to the Wheatsheaf to educate us!

So there!

There are times when this site makes me very, very happy. This is one of those times.

When are we dining?

Please explain to me why they're called hamburgers when they contain only beef?

I love hamburgers! Thanks for the nice comment on my pregnancy survival guide!

can't get enough cheese burgers. that looks very juicy.

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