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July 03, 2008


New Year's Eve 2006, I believe.

Is that 2006-turning-to-2007? I think that's what I meant. That always confuses me. Same with trying to figure out if noon is AM or PM.

If it is 2005-turning-to-2006, then I'm just off by a year.

2006 turning to 2007. Since New Year's Eve falls on the last night of the old year, I think it's fair to say "NYE 2006" and mean "the night the next year begins." "New Year 2007" would probably indicate the 2006-07 change-over more clearly, but that's a tough one too.

2005-06 would be unlikely - we weren't together then!

What about noon? What about noon on NYE? What about midnight on NYE? Is it AM or PM? What if it's a leap year?

Clearly, then, none of what I wrote above applies and we should all spend the day in question hidden under our beds, and never refer to the it except via a system of complicated hand-signals.

As long as we get potatoes.

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