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February 12, 2007


New sausage entry can be found here:

good luck dan.

Sorry Marcus, had the link wrong in the post - corrected now. Good luck!

Also worth noting:

Unfortunately, this post went up after Hairy Crab had clinched an (improbable) victory, but Alaskan Jared has put together a phenomenal defense of Salmon - including some proper food porn photography and a recipe for blackened salmon.


I have to say, I may miss Hairy Crab.

(the other) Jared bows gracefully in defeat to Ms. Heather and the power of her pork products. And thanks for the nod on the salmon post - sorry that was so tardy.

The red salmon might be the best photograph of the tournament so far. (Hmm... actually, that'd make a good side poll...)

OK, I've posted an update to Tofu:


Please update the link. Tofu will not go without a fight.

Now, I'm a big enough man to not have to point out that late last night one person block voted on several occasions to ensure gumbo rather than spam got through in the bitter fight that was me vs me. (And they did it really late - right after my bed time.)

That's fine. It's the nature of the competition. I like the fact someone thought Spam was good enough to do that too. I have my suspicions about who it is but all I know so far is they are almost definitely a Nazi.

So I think it's only fair if I point out Jared that it's Gumbo not spam that got through to the next round.

Suppose I have to go and try the stuff now.

And it wasn't me!

Whoever the winner is, I'd love to know, so I can rewrite my argument seeing as I let slip to Lebowski a key element of my argument were I up against spam...

Gumbo it is. [corrected above]

When I went to bed on Sunday night, Spam was winning by a substantial margin, so there's definitely something peculiar going on.


Go eat some gumbo.

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