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February 20, 2007


It should be noted for the record that I almost died during that baileys HANDS FREE shot round.


In the one sip I had hands free I beat you.

True. But I almost died. And that's exciting.

Somewhat appropriately, happy Mardi Gras everyone!

Are the videos unavailable because of the outrageous and disgusting comments about abortion that kangaroo kirsty made?

Or is it because you've taken it down in some desperate attempt to edit it to try and avoid the world from seeing you be beaten by a girl in beer skulling?


By the way, to any American voters coming online now, welcome. Yours is a lovely meat, country and people.

Not that I wish to sway your vote after the event, but I could understand it if you were a wee bit offended by Kirsty's comments about your race being responsible for what she claims you're responsible for.

And Bacon Heather, if you want to marshall the 900 Americans that voted for you in your round against sausage to vote for gumbo, well, that would be just smashing.

Lebowski, I'm sure American readers are mature enough to realise that (a) I know that our own countries can hardly talk and (b) the few people to whom I may have pointed a finger are no longer living. They died a LONG time ago.

I should also clarify that I am pro choice, just not pro using okra to achieve it.

Heather, please do NOT trust anyone who calls you "BACON HEATHER".

For a second there i thought this was going to be a fight between Gumby (the green warrior) and a Kangaroo (a boxer)...
Ps. Gumbo is not a meat. 'Tis a dish.. You freaks.
Pps. Onya K for the beer downing.

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