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January 10, 2007


Oh, also, I'll be alerting our champions of their first-round opponents tomorrow by email.

I'll post them here later in the day.

so just to clarify...we'll basically be using the same entry through the entire tournament (which we may or may not tweak along the way). we don't need to come up with a unique entry for each round, correct?

Heather - That's pretty much it. I think it's also a matter of, er, tactics. Some people might be taking a more aggressive approach, e.g. 'my meat is specifically better than your meat'. That strategy would demand more frequent updating.

i'm ready to rumble

This is from Popbitch and is very on topic.

The Jedi cloak Alec Guinness wore in Star Wars was put up for auction this week. Despite his fame, and the extraordinary amount of money he made from Star Wars as he cleverly negotiated a percentage deal from the film, Guinness spent most of his last fifty years living quietly near Petersfield, Hampshire. But his phone number was one digit different to the local butchers, and he received an endless stream of calls from people looking to buy meat. After some years, Guinness tired of explaining that they had the wrong number and instead amused himself by patiently taking their order, then berating them for making bad meat selections.

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