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January 17, 2007


Ref: Would you ever call France meaty.

Jared. God bless you, you big chump. France is more meaty than anywhere in the United States (with the possible exception of Louisiana which is basically French anyway). The first time I went to France I went to the birthday party of an eighty year old man where they spit roasted an ox. A whole ox! It fed about 500 people and took three days to cook, and the eighty year old birthday boy ate it along with the rest of them. France, like Italy, is a nation where food is THE most important thing (well perhaps the other thing...No Food), unlike your culinary suspicious homeland. Any nation that eats pigs intestines with the shit still inside them (it brings out the flavour of the wine apparently) is pretty much unbeatable when it comes to 'meaty' credentials.

Why is nobody representing 'Intestines With The Shit Still Inside Them' in the Meat Bracket?

Just because they spit-roast an ox (your phrase) doesn't make them 'meaty'. 'Meaty' is a complex sociological term that takes into account a lot of intricate variables.
For example, the Zidane head-butt actually raised their GMI (Gross Meatiness Index) by 7.3% percent.

Jared, you stole my format (despite not having seen it yet). But you missed health. Although added a brilliant one - the messiness, the fabulous messy experience of ribs, love it.

Thanks! I'm actually not sure there is a health case for ribs, try as I might.

Aren't ribs slightly less fatty than other parts of the cow? Or am I deluding myself?

I'm firmly in the sauced rib camp. Some purists go solely for the rubbed ribs, and eschew the sauce.

"Wet" is where it's at.

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