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January 30, 2007


Do I take it from that that you've reached tipping point Paul?

Does that mean there's no further to tip than where you are already?

(Insert comment about the 3 people that used to read my old blog etc etc)

I only discovered the demise of the idea factory yesterday. I was quite sad. Not that sad, obviously. But quite sad.

Wait, this conversation was about me. Can we talk about me more? Isn't this blog awesome? Who likes meat?!

This blog is OK.

Ha ha ha. You miserable bastard. This blog rules.

Sausage arguments are up. Morning.

Can I just say (back to Jared) I'm amazed at the organisational feat that's being pulled off here.

Right, come on Marcus. I off to see your bit now.

Come on Jared. We need to vote in Sausage v Bacon debate.

Yes. We do. I am so torn I need to decide and then vote in a hurry. Before I change my mind again.

I just posted the link - good luck all! Hot Dog vs Bacon also up and running...

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