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January 30, 2007


Oh great, I get Russell.

C'mon people...I'm ready to get voting.

And Marcus, don't be dis-heartened. British bacon aint all that. And you've got sausage.

This is cool:


One point of clarification: are we voting for the meats, or the arguments? For example, in the case of Hairy Crab vs Salmon: I love salmon, and hairy crab just doesn't do it for me. However, in his defence of the unfortunately monikered crustacean, Ed has been unwontedly funny, and more than a little persuasive - presumably we should be voting for the argument that we find more compelling, rather than the meat that prior experience tells us we prefer? (Obviously this may become a moot point once Alaskan Jared blows him out of the water...)

The people are championing the meat, not the other way around.

In the case of something like Hairy Crab - Ed's come up with a creative way to advance the case for an extremely esoteric meal.

Whether that's enough to convince people that it's the worthiest candidate for the title of 'The Ultimate Meat' is something that only time will tell.

just seen russell's bacon promo. good luck sausage; you'll need it.

Sausage has something up his sleeve.

Was that a sausage-related pun?

Oh. my. god. I love this SO much.

Welcome to tipping point Jared (finally).

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