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January 31, 2007


bloody hell.

You're famous!

oh bugger.

Ha ha ha!!!

Gerald Sherin!!!

Ha ha ha!!!

Good interview. Nice one Jared. And Marcus.

Hi, I love your blog! So funny!

I thought you or your other fans might be interested in this competition I stumbled upon at the supermarket yesterday for budding food writers.

There's even a £20,000 book contract up for grabs!
I know I can't resist it!


Yup. Working on that.

- Jerrard

Uh oh. I might now have to make some edits in case my employers discover the crap I've been writing. We Yanks need our health insurance!

Kinda neat, the exposure that us lowly food bloggers are starting to get. For the last couple of weeks it's been interesting to read about so and so and their site in major papers, and then watch the articles get syndicated across the US. Seems to be making some restauranteurs nervous, as you can walk in with a camera and notebook and they will definitely react. Good on you for the exposure and opportunity.

I like the idea of consumer (literally) empowerment. Dining 2.0 (he says, in an especially wanky fashion).

In another media shout - a few kind people have nominated the Meat Bracket in Russell's 'Post of the Month' competition:


If the meat makes it to the final ballot, everyone should vote! Go us!

honestly Jared, this whole project is brilliant.

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