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January 16, 2007


You're very insulting...

Bite me, baldy.
I'll take it all back when McDonald's introduce the McGigot, and not before.

Gigot, for those that don't speak Welsh:


The McRib has always been a success.

Ooh: a Gigot needn't be mutton. A gigot d'agneau is the 'welsh' for a leg of lamb. See how much you're learning? How could you not vote for lamb?

but boy do I love Vegas...

Love the final paragraph.

Yeah. Good last paragraph.

But I love Vegas.

Mmm..tough one this.

Come on, Lebowski: vote with your tastebuds, not with your vices...
(Happy new year, by the way)

Happy new year too Dan.

Of course I won't rush to judgement. I look forward to seeing the case made for burgers.

Nice argument, Dan.

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