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January 26, 2007


Fried Chicken IS cursed pirate gold. Although it isn't the most... gourmet... meat in the tournament, it really is seductive. Waking up in the middle of the night demanding battered-and-fried chicken parts isn't an uncommon feeling for me.

I know of one semi-eccentric Midwestern millionaire who, when overcome with similar pangs, used to use his private jet to go two states over to Kansas City, just to visit Stroud's.

(For Kansas City natives, Stroud's amusingly kept to their no-reservations policy, so he had to wait the usual 45 minutes for a table)

(And it was worth it)


I've always been considered a good cook, but I never felt like one til I perfected the art of fried chicken. My first platter of really excellent chicken... I cried. I took a picture of it. And I made tons for my whole family, so they could really know... I am now a good cook. Fried chicken is important.

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