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December 13, 2006


I always felt there was something wrong with tofu. Fake meat, indeed.

Is tofu usually used to make fake meat? I thought seitan was generally preferred. Not that I actually have any idea; I was a vegitarian for 7 years and haven't the foggiest. I guess Tofurkey would be tofu-faked turkey - at least, in principle. But these fake-meat producing people can't be trusted. "Tofurkey" is much funnier to say than "Seitanurkey" or "Seiturkey," so it's entirely possible Tofurkey calls itself one thing and is actually composed of something entirely different.

Ah-hah! Wikipedia confirms that Tofurkey is not always made of tofu!

That photo is awesome.

Great, isn't it? It comes from:


The original caption: 'Improve finger sensitivity with tofu'.

Anne - I actually have no idea what Seitan is - I'm not sure I've heard of it before. Granted, I'm not so 'hip' to the veggie lingo. Is it pronounced 'Satan'?

It's high-protein wheat gleuten, and it's pronounced saay-t'n, only just barely different from Satan (which I'd write out phonetically as Say-tan.) My dictonary gives Satan a 'shorter' pronunciation and seitan a more obvious syllabic, er, gap.

I actually find seitan a decent meat substitute; it's approximately the right density and texture and tastes - well, not more meaty, but less unmeaty, if that makes sense.

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