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November 24, 2006



Glee! Delight! Bliss!

Oh--and rage at the NFL Network's very existence!

Not only did the NFL Network have Chiefs-Broncos on Thanksgiving, but they're carrying the Chiefs-Raiders game on 12/23, don't you know. My options, apparently, are two:

-switch to crappy satellite TV in order to get this ridiculous station and lose signal every time a leaf twitches in the breeze BUT have at least a *chance* of watching the Chiefs


-keep on keeping on with cable and fester in isolated, deprived, starving, pissed-off Chiefs adoration, trying to listen to a clogged-up feed of Mitch Holthus, Len "I-told-you-so" Dawson, Bob Gretz, and Bill Grigsby from upstate NY.

(For all my bitching, I actually prefer listening to the radio broadcast, and I must say the nostalgia generated by plugs for "Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrice Chopper" is delightful.)


I've been stuck following on NFL Gamecenter (er... dot-com) all season. I don't mind the radio pickup - mostly for the same reason you have above. However much Price Chopper has paid for Grigsby's constant endorsement, it's probably the only reason he's kept his job.

I've been trying to follow the whole NFL Network thing, to figure out who to blame. ESPN is a bit crabby about the cable companies, who refuse to carry the NFL Network, but that seems a little one-sided.

Sky Sports (for about £40/month, because you can't get it independently of normal Sky cable) carries NFL games, but I'm pretty sure they select the TWO that they show with the following criteria:

- Is there a potential playoff team playing?

- If no, then, is one of last year's playoff teams playing?

If not, then, well, they'll probably air it. Bonus points if it involves a ludicrous team like Buffalo or the Jets. Because, well, they're definitely an international draw... (snort, chortle).

Amusingly I saw this game while enjoying Thanksgiving at a friends house. What was with the cheerleader and the teeth?

Irritatingly, my friend Chris just confirmed that KC/Denver was shown here. I'm hoping that means that Sky is picking up the KC/Oakland game later this year...

That's right, Julia - come to London, where you can see the Chiefs play!

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