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January 03, 2007


Incidentally, it'd be awesome to get someone from New Orleans for gumbo, Maryland (or whatnot) for Crab cakes, Maine for lobster, etc.

And a proper vegetarian for tofu would be good. Not just Simon with a fake name.

Simon - you can stick with your posh offal and I'll do the proletarian stuff. Besides I've got some offally good puns...

Is it possible we could end up with a bacon vs bacon final? That would be awesome...

I'll take duck.


Dan of Wales defending Lamb.

Graham, of www.noodlepie.com, is in for the exotic world of Snail Meat

(I'm killing 'Spam' for this unless someone from Alabama objects)

And 'Hamburger' is tentatively off the market, as it looks like someone might have that too.

Go foodblog networking!

Yup. Hamburger gone.

I'll do gumbo as well if there's no New Orlans person.

I'll also do spam as well if that's OK. I've got some good things to say on that. Seriously.

I figure if I do enough of these things I might get beyond the first round.

If I can do that, I'll officially cede offal to Paul.


Since my freezer is full of it, I'll defend the honor of salmon (and steak, too) if they're still on the table.

I'll take one from each bracket:

Hot Dog
Buffalo Wings

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